Monday 25 June 2018

Tehilim Psalm 43

In this week’s Psalm, King David asks Hashem to champion his cause and avenge him against the nations who are ‘without kindness.’ Rabbi Hirsch...

Torah Action Life – Ki Tisa


Tehillim Psalm 42

This tehillim is for a refuah shelema for Michoel ben Fruma Leah We start the second book of Tehillim with an interesting expression. “Lamnatzeach...

Torah Action Life – Tetzaveh


Tehilim – Psalm 41

This tehillim is in memory of Hayeled Yaakov Moshe ben HaRav Avraham This week’s Psalm is one of the chapters that we say when we...

Tehilim – Psalm 40

King David was a master of poetry, effortlessly weaving together strands of genius to leave lasting impressions on countless generations of Jews. “Vayaleini meboir...

Torah Action Life – Mishpatim


Tehillim – Psalm 39

This tehillim is in memory of the yahrzeit of Hayeled Yechezcal Shimon ben Efraim In this weeks Psalm, we are taught that man is meant...

Torah Action Life – Yitro


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