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Two Hostages Freed and Reunited with Families

What Happened: Overnight, Israeli security forces carried out a successful rescue of the 61-year-old Fernando Simon Marman and 70-year-old Louis Har, both taken from...

Students Ostracised Since 10/7

Peers heard that Jewish university students have suffered physical abuse since the October 7 terror attack. Testimony was given by 25 students from across...

Israel commit to secure borders

Israeli leaders continue to meet world diplomats to overview the operation against terror groups on its borders. The IDF has targeted Hamas across the Gaza...




Rebbe’s Chanukah campaign burns bright

Fifty years ago, The Rebbe launched his global Chanukah campaign. Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson's aim was to share the light of Chanukah with Jews around...

Footballing brothers contrasting fortunes

Away from writing for various publications including The Jewish Weekly, I’ve been very lucky to meet my football heroes since writing my first football...

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s statement to the House of Commons on...

Mr Speaker, last week I visited the Middle East… …bringing a message of solidarity with the region against terror and against the further spread of...




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