Monday 26 July 2021


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Enjoying the Summer in Manchester

Enjoying Rowing on the Heaton Park Boating Lake which is very popular with the Manchester Kehillah during the annual Summer holidays. All pictures by Lawrence...

Eikev: The Land of Milk and Ice Cream – Thoughts...

By Rav Moshe Taragin The recent decision to discontinue selling Ben and Jerry's ice cream in selected areas of Israel has roused the Jewish world,...


England match sees electricity use jump 1400MW

England v Denmark responsible for one of the biggest electricity pick-ups in modern times. The Euro 2020 semi-final match saw a surge of...

……If not now, WHEN?…..-Latest Column by Jacqueline Curzon

Mr Johnson has agreed to snap off our metaphorical handcuffs and gags, but gives zero guidance on dealing with compliance-driven individuals. That’s fine in principle...



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