Jteen’s ‘Prevent’ programme was launched last week.

Interactive workshops on wellbeing issues have been formulated by experts in the field for teenage high school students. The programme helps ensure teens can reach out for help.

Menorah Grammar School boys in year seven and nine learned how to recognise healthy and unhealthy friendships this week.

Healthy friendships are a key priority of Jteen workshops. Bullying and peer pressure were discussed.

Jteen is increasingly aware of challenges that friendships can create for teens. A support line receives calls and texts on emotional wellbeing. Data has been collected from thousands of conversations.

Exam stress is a concern where Jteen has seen a significant number of teens reaching out. Hasmonean and Menorah Grammar GCSE and A-level pupils have received tips to reduce stress.

Jteen founder and therapist Yaakov Barr is encouraged by the participation of students.

“Our wellbeing programme is receiving amazing feedback from students, teachers and parents. Teens are telling us they are benefiting. Armed with emotional coping strategies, they are not alone.”

Jteen supports teens with emotional challenges under the guidance of rabbonim, doctors and mental health experts.

Jteen is building an experienced team of dynamic educators and therapists.

Jteen details: admin@jteen.co.uk or www.jteen.co.uk