by Josh Aronson 

At the Chabad House in Budapest, Hungary, dozens of Jews were present on Monday evening at an event commemorating the hilula of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson ztz’l.

The Chabad emissary Rabbi Shmuel Raskin related how the Rebbe always talked about how talent is everyone’s mission to use as a personol mission and how we must see through it the good of every person and realize everyone’s personal potential for the good.

The Admor of Ashlag, Rabbi Simcha Avraham Halevi Ashlag, who was visiting Hungary, said that even though he barely slept, he especially came for the Rebbe’s honor, whom he met himself, he told about his closeness to the Rebbe, and told a story about an associate of his who argued with the rebbe , 50 years later, the son of that person comes to the Rebbe, and the Rebbe said, your father was right, this That the Rebbe remembered and also acknowledged that he was wrong is a sign of the Rebbe’s greatness, said the Admor.

The members of the Budapest community then shared heartfelt stories about how they felt about the Rebbe and Chabad

The Chabad emissary in Budapest, Rabbi Shmuel Raskin, told Ma’ariv that the fact that so many people came to honor the Rebbe makes me happy, it is important to me that my words go out to spread the Rebbe’s Torah to the world through my mission here in Hungary.

The activity of the Chabad house “Karen-Or” is extensive: starting with high-level Torah classes, Gemara, Chassidut, and the weekly portion, which are held in the synagogue and its community center, which attract dozens of participants, and ending with private lessons and studying in a ‘companionship’ with businessmen.

An open university for Jewish studies was opened for the students, where they study subjects close to their hearts, such as medical ethics in Halacha, Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah and more. and in which special scholarships are distributed to students.

For the women of the community and the students staying in Hungary, rebbetzen Debori Raskin organized classes of the highest level, which include lectures on the virtue of women in the eyes of Judaism, creative workshops to expand self-awareness, and more.

Every Shabbat, hundreds of people participate in the prayers in the magnificent synagogue and the Kiddush and the Shabbat meal held in the banquet hall of the Chabad House afterwards, which holds over 200 people. These meals became famous thanks to the special atmosphere and thanks to the wonderful singing of the Shabbat chants that emanates from the hall, when the participants feel like a warm family. The many students who come every Shabbat to the Chabad house feel that this is their second home, a warm place with a lot of love

Many and varied figures were hosted at the Chabad House, who all came to pay their respects to this wonderful place, which shone like a beacon in the sky of Hungarian Jewry, among the guests were: the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yona Metzger, Rabbi yeshua Pinto, the Chief Rabbi of Russia Rabbi Berel Lazar, the businessman Mr. Lev Leviev is a great philanthropist and the biggest donors to the Chabad movement, the Mayor of Budapest, Mr. Damsky Gabor, and the President of the Supreme Court in Budapest, Mr. Lumenici Zoltan.