Rachel Saul successfully balances a full-time job as a mother along with her work as a massage therapist, aiming to heal body, mind and soul in one massage.
The Jewish Weekly’s Naomi Frankel caught up with Rachel to find out a bit more about what she does.
‘‘Life can be stressful, but a massage can help you cope!’’ These wise words come straight from the mouth of Rachel Saul, a busy mother of five and a massage therapist, who trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and now runs her successful women’s only salon- ‘Tranquillity London’ from home. Rachel insists on a steaming mug of tea and a chocolate digestive over our discussion and I am only too happy to comply. ‘‘I actually discovered massage later on in life’’ she confides, cupping her mug. “But it soon became a passion and now my career!” Rachel qualified in 2012 and juggled running a household with her year long course, packed with exams and coursework’s-‘‘something I thought I had left long behind’’ she laughs, rolling her eyes good naturedly. Her passion for massage and its health advantages are clear to see as Rachel regales me with the amazing physical and emotional benefits massage can offer. ‘‘Someone who came to me with severe backache told me she had booked in for an MRI scan. After just one session she told me my massage helped so much that she cancelled her appointment!” Rachel also tells me how a regular massage was instrumental in helping one of her clients to cope with her gripping depression. “Depression and anxiety are more common than people think” she tells me seriously. “And massage is brilliant for calming the mind.” Rachel also volunteers in Schonfeld Square, a care home in Stamford Hill, and spends a few hours giving mini massages to the elderly. Talking to Rachel is like chatting to an old friend and her easy, open manner immediately puts me at ease. Her salon is equally as welcoming, with tasteful purple décor set off perfectly with dim candles and soft classical music. Rachel tells me that she usually recommends massage in the evenings as it helps improve the quality of sleep. It’s 6pm when we start my massage, but I guess I could always get an early night! Before we start, Rachel discusses the various massage options with me. She offers holistic, deep tissue and pregnancy massage. The last one isn’t an option for me this time, but she tells me holistic massage is a popular choice with her clients as it is great for relaxation and the alleviation of general stress. “We call it the mind, body and soul massage for a reason” she chuckles. However, as my left shoulder has been hurting for a few weeks, she advises the more intensive deep tissue massage which targets specific points of tension. During the massage, Rachel is fully attentive to my needs, often checking that the pressure she is applying is ok, as she knows that I am already in pain.  I learn that a lot of tension is centred in the head, and Rachel shows me the pressure point she focuses on during my head massage-the occipital point. Her foot massage is also amazing and I can feel my sore soles sighing in relief! The ambiance is so relaxing that at one point I actually drift off, making the hour pass too quickly for my liking! Afterwards, my back feels like its turned to elastic and the pain in my shoulder has noticeably subsided.  Rachel tells me that she recommends a course of four sessions if clients are suffering from specific muscle pain, but she puts absolutely no pressure on me to book a follow-up. When I ask her about her availability, she tells me that she puts great emphasis on flexibility. “I try and work around people’s convenience. I think what makes me different from other massage therapists is that I’m quite understanding of other mothers and their busy schedules.” Indeed, after meeting her once it is clear to see how Rachel’s unique approach ensures she always stands apart.
Tranquillity London is based in North London. For more details, contact Rachel on 07925528888.
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