Aish UK, a pioneering organization at the forefront of outreach for three decades, achieved a remarkable milestone by raising £2.4 million in their Proudly JewAish campaign.

The campaign aimed to shift the narrative away from antisemitism as the primary means of engaging younger generations and instead focused on inspiring positive connections to Jewish identity, fostering pride in Jewish heritage. This impressive success underscores the unwavering support and dedication of individuals and the Jewish community across the UK towards Aish UK’s mission.

In times of crisis, Aish UK has consistently emphasized positivity, purpose, and the celebration of Jewish pride and connection. By engaging with thousands of young Jews annually, Aish UK cultivates genuine and enduring bonds within the community.

The funds raised during this campaign will play a pivotal role in expanding Aish UK’s outreach efforts and enhancing its capacity to facilitate meaningful human connections. Specifically, it will support the expansion of resources, particularly in campus deployments, where fostering Jewish connections is crucial now more than ever.

Since October 7th, many young Jews have experienced increasing alienation and fear in schools, campuses, and workplaces nationwide. Aish UK has been a beacon of support, providing safe, inclusive, and uplifting spaces for these individuals. As demand for Aish’s programs has surged, the organization has become a source of hope, connection, and safety for young Jews, empowering them to embrace their identity with confidence and pride.

Rabbi Naftali Schiff, Chief Executive of Aish UK and Jewish Futures, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received during the fundraising campaign. He emphasized the critical role of organizations like Aish UK in preserving meaningful Jewish affiliation and identification among young Jews. The community’s generosity ensures that Aish UK can continue its vital work of fostering connection and helping young Jews embrace their identity proudly.