On Monday evening 200 people came together in support of Arts Therapies for Children, one of the community’s fastest growing charities, supporting primary school children in London and Manchester with a range of social, educational and mental health needs through therapy.

Guests heard from the Rt Hon. Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee and Vice-Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council, about how all children must get the support they need to be able to achieve their maximum attainment potential at school, and his view that the services that ATFC provides to children with additional needs is hugely beneficial for them and their fellow pupils.

ATFC provides therapy for the highest priority children in over 30 Jewish primary schools, as identified by their SEN departments. Children can often be waiting years for similar support via the NHS, and ATFC ensures that the children of our community get the support they need as quickly as possible.

On their inaugural dinner, Director Natasha Ainley said ‘I have been blown away by the support that we have received from all parts of the community. I hope that through this event more people are aware of the essential front-line services that we are providing to over 150 of our most vulnerable children each week.’