The Zvhiller community is in mourning following the sudden death of its renowned Rebbe, HaGaon HaTzaddik Rav Shlomo Goldman z’tl, who passed away on Monday evening.

The Rebbe, 66, had previously suffered with heart issues according to his family and fell ill earlier in the day. He is believed to have had a heart attack at his home in Jerusalem during the afternoon. Chassidim prayed for his recovery. Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene but were unable to resuscitate him.

The funeral began from Rechov Rappaport and continued until Har HaZeisim where the esteemed Rebbe was buried.

According to reports, Zvhiller leaders have appointed the Rebbe’s brother, HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Dovid Goldman, Rosh Yeshivas Zhvill, as his successor. An official announcement is expected to be made during shiva this week.

Rav Goldman was the son of the Ba’al Ohr Avraham of Zhvill, z’tl, and grandson of the Ba’al HaYakra D’Malka, z’tl.

The Rebbe succeeded his father, he was renowned for his dedication to the community and many mitzvahs of tzedaka. Chassidim sought his expertise on numerous halachic topics.

Rav Goldman was moser nefesh for the Zhviller mosdos, including Talmud Torah, yeshivot, kollelim and Beit Midrash. A regular vistor to Meron on Lag B’Omer, he worked for 20 years as supervisor at the Rozhin Yeshiva of Boyan.

Rav Goldman studied at Yeshivas Salonim where he later served. He was married to Shethai, a daughter of Rav Moshe Nosson Nota, the Gaavad of Makova.

He is survived children, grandchildren and brothers who have followed in his ways of Torah.