Theresa May has said she wants to lead the Tories into the next general election, and that she intends to remain in power for the long term.

The Prime Minister told the BBC that “It is my intention to deliver not just a good Brexit deal for the UK but to ensure ‘global Britain’ can take its place in the world, trading around the world and we deal with those injustices domestically that we need to do to ensure that strong, more global but also fairer Britain for the future.”

Boris Johnson said Mrs May had his “undivided backing” to lead the party into another general election campaign. The foreign secretary, speaking from Nigeria, added that the prime minister could “certainly win an absolute majority. I’ve made it clear I’m giving my undivided backing to Theresa May.”

Asked if the prime minister could win an absolute majority at a further general election, the foreign secretary confirmed “I certainly think she could, yes.” “I think she gets it. She really wants to deliver it. I’m here to support her.”

The Prime Minister has been under tremendous pressure after losing her Commons majority in a snap election called earlier this year.