Supporters of the Houthi movement demonstrate to mark the annual Al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day), in Sanaa, Yemen July 1, 2016. The banner reads: "Allah is the greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel. A curse on the Jews. Victory to Islam". REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Jewish leaders have called on Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle to reverse an invite to Houthi movement international spokesman Ahmed Alshami to a Stop the War Coalition meeting to Parliament.

The anti-Semitic group calls for the destruction of Israel with a slogan that notes “death to the US, Israel, curse the Jews and victory for Islam.”

Alshami is executive director of the controversial Arabian Rights Watch Association.

Amanda Bowman, Board of Deputies described the decision as “unacceptable” while the Jewish Leadership Council said that no one should “roll out” a red carpet for Alshami.

“Hosting an organisation in the Houses of Parliament whose official slogan includes the phrase ‘death to Israel, curse the Jews’ is utterly unacceptable,” the BoD vice president said.

“Lloyd Russell-Moyle should immediately disavow his support for this event.”

“The Houthis drove the Jews of Yemen out of their homes, destroying the ancient community,” added the JLC in a statement. “The Houthi flag and slogan says ‘a curse on the Jews.’

“Peace in Yemen is vital, but nobody should roll out the red carpet for a Houthi spokesperson without challenging his anti-Semitism.”

Labour Friends of Israel joined the condemnation of the event.

“It is utterly appalling that a Labour MP would host in Parliament the mouthpiece of a violent, Iranian-backed terror group which preaches hatred against Jews and the state of Israel,” commented Jennifer Gerber, LFI director.

“In the fight against anti-Semitism in the Labour party, there are only two sides and Lloyd Russell-Moyle has again shamefully chosen to ally himself with those who defend and propagate anti-Jewish racism.”

A Jewish Labour Movement spokesperson added, “Labour being investigated for institutional anti-Jewish racism by the EHRC clearly didn’t put Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP off hosting a group in Parliament whose slogan includes the words ‘death to Israel, curse the Jews’. He should reconsider and rescind this invitation.”

The Brighton Kemptown MP told The Sun, who reported on the story, the meeting would help the push for peace in Yemen.

He added, “Labour supports all efforts to bring about a peace settlement in Yemen, which means encouraging dialogue with people on all sides, however much we disagree with their views, a task made harder by the UK government supporting and arming the Saudi-led forces.”

By Howard Lawrence