Camp Simcha had 70 runners taking part this year, across all the different races.

Among them was 5-year-old Yishai Freedman who ran for Camp Simcha, together with his 3 older siblings, Sara, Michal and Akiva.

Yishai was diagnosed with leukaemia last September and the family has been supported by Camp Simcha since then. Having recently finished his active treatment, and just returned to school, doing the 1k was a real milestone for Yishai, said his mum Jacqui: “Having spent so many months in a hospital bed, doing the 1k is huge for Yishai; he’s very excited.

“We are so grateful to be able to take part and we wanted to try and raise money for Camp Simcha in appreciation of everything they have done for us.”

Also running the 5k for Camp Simcha was 9-year-old Izac Anstey whose sister Ari was battling cancer last year – and whose family has been supported by the charity.

Mum Mattea said: “When Izac decided to do the Maccabi fun, we knew it had to be for Camp Simcha. Izac’s Camp Simcha volunteer Big Brother Sam has literally saved us. He has brought so much joy to Izac when I couldn’t focus on him. When Sam walks in Izac’s face lights up – he is very special to all of us.”