Looking across Hong Kong Central, Victoria Harbor, and Kowloon from "The Peak" observation platform.

Pursuant to the directive of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the committee of directors general on the issue of foreign workers, chaired by Prime Minister’s Office Director General Yossi Shelley, met earlier this week, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

This was the committee’s fourth meeting since it was formed on 15 May 2024. It discussed the quota for importing foreign workers for agriculture, industry, hotels and restaurants, and decided to approve the import of 92,000 workers as follows:

Agriculture – 65,000 (upon 85% utilization, 5,000 additional workers will be provided)
Industry – 13,200
Hotels – 6,800
Restaurants – 2,000

This is the first-ever approval for importing workers for the restaurant sector and will provide tangible benefits to those sectors of the economy that are awaiting the arrival of these workers, thanks to the assistance of which they will be able to meet market needs and spur economic growth.