Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) recently organized a significant event for major donors, held at St. John’s Wood Synagogue on March 14th. The evening was graciously hosted by Jewish Women’s Aid ambassador, Rachel Riley MBE.

The event featured a poignant interview of Anthony Metzer KC by Times Radio host, Jane Garvey, which received a standing ovation from the attendees. Additionally, two recent graduates of the JWA School Ambassadors program shared insights about the importance of learning about healthy relationships and consent in schools.

A diverse audience of 200 people participated in an interactive session aimed at dispelling common myths surrounding domestic abuse and sexual violence within the Jewish community.

Anthony Metzer KC expressed his gratitude, stating, “Had JWA been around when I was growing up, my early life would have been very different. The work they do is empowering and life-saving.”

Highlighting the organization’s recent achievements, JWA Chair Caroline Ratner shared, “It’s been an amazing few days. I am so proud that our ‘Protect All Jewish Women from Abuse’ campaign has been such a success.”

The event also marked the culmination of a successful 36-hour match funding campaign, which raised over £500,000 for the specialist services provided by JWA to Jewish women and children affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Expressing her pride in supporting JWA, ambassador Rachel Riley remarked, “I am very proud to say that I am an ambassador for JWA in its 30th year. JWA are literal life-savers.”

The event served as a testament to the unwavering commitment of JWA and its supporters in addressing critical issues and providing vital support to those in need within the Jewish community.