The London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) has launched its popular, free Covenant & Continuity parasha series in Australia, in partnership with a number of synagogues in Melbourne, Perth as well as The Great Synagogue Sydney. Teachers for Australia Covenant & Continuity include Rabbi Dr Benjamin Elton, Dr Lindsay Simmonds, Dr Tanya White and Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum.

Australian Covenant and Continuity was launched by Michael Rainsbury, LSJS’ Head of Adult Education and one of The Rabbi Sacks Legacy’s Sacks Scholars. “It was wonderful to see LSJS reach communities that we have not reached before,” said Michael. “There is a real thirst for learning Rabbi Sacks’ Torah in Australia and I hope this will be the start of an exciting journey.”

Covenant & Continuity teaches the Torah of Rabbi Sacks globally, catering to many people for whom Rabbi Sacks’ wisdom is a key part of their Jewish learning journey. The course does not merely ‘teach Rabbi Sacks’; rather it builds on his ideas and develops them.

Launched over three years ago, Covenant & Continuity is one of LSJS’ most popular courses, attracting hundreds of students, from all over the world, each week. The course is taught by Rabbi Sacks’ closest students who bring new angles and analysis to understanding the Torah and draw out relevant and timely life lessons.

I am delighted that such a successful course has now expanded to a new English-speaking continent, giving so many more communities the opportunity to benefit from Rabbi Sacks’ teachings.” said Joanne Greenaway, Chief Executive of LSJS.

Rabbi Sacks was a former student, Principal and Honorary President of LSJS and the school is delighted to work closely with the Rabbi Sacks Legacy to continue sharing and developing his teachings. As well as Covenant and Continuity LSJS has a number of Rabbi Sacks related projects including, the LSJS Rabbi Sacks Fellowship; an exciting, free one-year course for young professionals. They are also proud to have established the Rabbi Sacks Chair of Modern Jewish Thought, which is held by LSJS Dean, Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum.

Photo attached of Michael Rainsbury, LSJS’ Head of Adult Education.