Maccabi GB has launched The Yellow Candle Project in the UK.
An informal educational tool to remember those murdered during the Holocaust, a candle will be lit on the eve of Yom Hashoah on May 1.

Organisers hope 25,000 candles will be distributed by volunteers.
To date, half those figures have been reserved. This is the third year of the initiative, which in year one saw 3,000 candles distributed and 13,000 in 2018. Every candle comes in a bag with a card carrying the name of someone who perished in the Shoah.

People are encouraged to take a photograph of the candle lighting and post it on social media under #yellowcandle. Twelve months ago it trended fourth on Twitter, engaging people across the community including celebrities and public figures.
The cross communal project saw over 60 organisations including synagogue bodies, schools, shops and individuals participate.

The project gives families an opportunity to speak about the Holocaust and raise awareness of what can happen if anti-Semitism goes unchallenged. “As those that suffered the Holocaust first hand but survived begin to pass on, it is vital that we find new and innovative ways of perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust,” commented Maccabi GB CEO Martin Berliner. “The Yellow Candle is a simple way to do this on an annual basis.”
Organisations can reserve Yellow candles online.