Photo by Lawrence Purcell

Included in this year’s HM The King’s Birthday Honours, was an MBE for Isaac (Yitzy) Ginsbury from Manchester. Isaac heads up The Jewel Foundation which is an employment, training and business support charity, assisting residents across Greater Manchester.

The honour was awarded in recognition of Isaac’s volunteering for a number of charities but mainly for his work at Jewel as well as supporting Local Authorities to ensure that their projects and services are accessible and culturally appropriate for the Charedi Community. Isaac has been involved in community projects for over 15 years and has built up successful partnerships and networks.

The Trustees of Jewel praised Isaac’s dedication and commented on how Jewel has developed and grown under Isaac’s leadership and how proud they are of his work and the receipt of this honour. They commented that one of Isaac’s key skills is his ability to reach out to all residents across the Community and the wider public which allows him to be a strong cross communal voice for the Kehilla, the wider Community and any resident who needs support.

Jewel assists over 550 residents every year and offers a wide range of services, ensuring that anyone looking for work, training or wanting to start a business are able to receive a high quality, professional service which provides them with all the tools and resources required to be successful. This is demonstrated by the number of people who have found jobs as a result of Jewel’s help as well as the people who are enrolled on their training courses and who receive business support from them.

Isaac praised Manchester’s Askan, Norman Younger who gave him his first opportunity and provided him with all the skills and support to be able to undertake communal work. Isaac also dedicated his award to the Haematology department at The Christie Hospital which provided him with such compassionate and expert care for many years.

Isaac stated how humbled he was to receive this honour which came as a huge surprise to him. “It has always been a tremendous privilege to be able to support the Community and this has only been possible because of the incredible support I get from colleagues and Trustees. Really, they deserve all the credit but I hope to use this award to champion the incredible charities and community projects I am involved in, to continue enhancing people’s lives and ensuring local communities can live together in peace, prosperity and in good health.”