Northwood United Synagogue and Ruislip & District United Synagogue recently announced that they have merged, forming a new community called Northwood & Ruislip United Synagogue (NRUS). The community building is at the site previously belonging to Northwood United Synagogue.

The merger was effected by the community leaderships coming together to discuss the best way for them to solidify their future and provide the best possible service to their members. Their hope is that by investing in creating a new lively environment, they will attract more members to come to services. The aim for the merger is to create a new community which can provide more comprehensive support to its members with a greater range of activities, welfare support, religious services, social activities and enhanced pastoral care.

Alan Moss, Chair of NRUS, said: “One of the driving forces behind the merger of Northwood and Ruislip Synagogues was to create a community that caters for specific demographic of the Northwood and Ruislip membership that will number approximately 540. I firmly believe that Northwood and Ruislip United Synagogue has a long-term vision that will meet the unique needs of its membership.

Our new community is led by Rabbi and Rebbetzen Green, who have made such a positive impact to our Synagogue over the past 12 months and who will lead our new community as we grow and develop over the coming years.”

Rabbi Shaya Green said: “My wife and I are thrilled and deeply honoured to be serving as the rabbinical couple of the new community, Northwood & Ruislip United Synagogue. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey, building on the past achievements of each individual community, to create a warm and welcoming space where everyone can connect to their Judaism in a meaningful way.”

Huw Davis, previous chair of Ruislip & District United Synagogue, said: “After several months of organising, we have finally merged Northwood and Ruislip synagogues into one community. This is a new chapter for both synagogues, but already the Honorary Officers of both shuls can see that their members have the desire to make the merger into a very positive and long-lived story. We thank Rabbi Stanley Coten for his many years of leadership of the Ruislip community.”