Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday, met with fighters and commanders from the 55th Brigade, who are participating in a brigade-level exercise in the Galilee. The exercise is one of a series of exercises carried out by IDF brigades to boost fitness and evaluate plans for an attack in Lebanon.

The Head of Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Ori Gordin, as well as brigade and battalion commanders, briefed the Prime Minister on the efforts of the reserve paratroopers who have taken part in all of Israel’s wars and have fought for several months in the southern Gaza Strip. The commanders expressed their unequivocal determination and readiness to continue intensive combat wherever and whenever necessary.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the end of the visit:

“I am here with the 55th Brigade. The brigade-level exercise is very impressive in terms of capabilities, mobilization and implementation. The implementation is very considerable, with soldiers and commanders from all parts of the country and all parts of Israeli society. They are determined and devoted to the mission – to defend the country and achieve victory, nothing less.”

Also participating in the visit were the Prime Minister’s Chief-of-Staff, his Military Secretary, Maj.-Gen. Roman Gofman, Head of Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Ori Gordin and additional senior IDF officers.