Side by Side School proudly held student elections today, aligned with the UK General Elections, highlighting our commitment to British values and SMSC development and teaching practical lessons in democracy and reinforcing mutual respect, tolerance, and individual liberty. The event underscored pupil voice and choice, as students from nursery to senior classes participated in the elections.

In preparation, students completed their own voter registration cards and practised using sample ballots. The school was adorned with festive signs and bunting, creating a vibrant, democratic atmosphere.

Inclusivity was a key focus, with special polling stations for wheelchair users and communication boards and eye-gaze technology for non-verbal students. Polling stations were run and managed by our older students as part of their work experience towards Preparing for Adulthood. Signs throughout the school reminded everyone that “Your Vote Matters,” ensuring every student felt valued.

It was a memorable and educational experience, demonstrating the power of inclusive education, independence and ensuring that every voice in our school is heard.