This tehillim is Shay ben Dana

In this week’s Psalm, King David warns us not to be lured into the false trappings of the prosperity of the wicked. Evil people may appear to be wealthy and successful, but spiritually, they are utterly dead. “ Al titchar bameairim, al tekanei boise avlah- do not compete with the wicked, don’t be envious of the doers of injustice.” Our great and righteous King is warning Jews throughout millennia not to desire to achieve riches through the sinful ways of wicked people. “Ki Kchatzhir Mheira yemalu, ucuyerek desheh yeboilun – for they will swiftly be cut down like grass, and will wither like green vegetation.”
Grass and vegetation can be full of life and appear invincible one moment, yet once a lawnmower has a couple of rounds around the garden, it is reduced to nothing, just like the wicked of this world.
The Psalm then urges us to Trust in Hashem for all matters, from the smallest most trivial matter, all the way to the biggest problem you could ever face in the world. Do not think you must steal, or retain from giving charity to have
enough money to succeed; Hashem holds the keys for every penny in the entire world.

Trust in Him and you will never lose. Once you nourish yourself with faithlessness, you will always win in the end.