This week’s Psalm is the last in the section for day nine. When a person is unfortunately betrayed by loved ones and pursued by enemies, one must pray to Hashem for salvation.

King David was betrayed by members of the ‘Zephites,’ who were members of David’s own tribe. They revealed his hiding place to King Saul and David just narrowly escaped death.

‘Elokim, bshimcha hosheani, uvigvuratcha tsudinene – O G-d, by Your Name save me, and by Your might, vindicate me.’ When someone is in mortal peril, especially after a supposed friend has turned on them, they will truly see Hashem’s might when they are ultimately vindicated. Every day, we see miracles, but the Yetzer Harah belittles them.

The fact that we breathe is truly miraculous; just watch someone who is struggling to breath, and one can instantly realise how grateful they are to Hashem.

However, part of the ploy of our evil nature is to constantly downgrade everything, in order to trap a person to continue to sin. That was how the generation of the Midbar managed to sin, straight after seeing the sea split, it was downgraded in their eyes. May we take the lesson to heart and learn to truly appreciate Hashem for each and every miracle that he performs for us every single day.

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