The excitement was palpable in the air from the week before. Streamers, posters, balloons, hand drawn pictures decorated the walls of the children and adult unit at Bayis Sheli.

Pre Purim treats were turned out by our cook Mrs Y Domb. As an activity Mishloach Monos were prepared under one to one supervision by the residents themselves. They went shopping for all the items they wanted to gift. They chose their costumes with the spare costume to take to school. By Tanis Esther the atmosphere in the home was electric with anticipation of the great day to come.

On Purim morning all dressed up, some went to shul for Megilla while others waited in for Mr Gluck to come and read the Megilla. This was followed by gifting Mishloach Monos and going out on the streets to take some more.

There was dancing and singing after a festive Purim meal followed by publicly giving Tzedakah. Schmeichel came enhancing the festivities with singing , dancing and more ending the day on a climax of high. Long after they left the elation and smiles were evident on residents and staff alike.