Thirty-Five educators from Israel reach 10,000 people across Shuls, Schools and Community.
Mizrachi UK hosted its highly anticipated Weekend of Inspiration featuring a lineup of 35
renowned high calibre scholars and educators from Israel. As Top Israeli Broadcaster Sivan
Rahav-Meir explained ‘I have done many lecture tours abroad by myself, but this past weekend I was part of a delegation of 35 lecturers from Israel who participated in “a weekend of inspiration”
under the auspices of Mizrachi UK. Each one of us received a list of communities, synagogues and schools where we would make appearances. The total effect of this project was astounding: parents heard us in the synagogue, children heard us in the morning at school, and teenagers heard us in their Sunday Jewish school. In this manner, common messages and lessons to which all ages could relate
were transmitted. We reached ten thousand British Jews who felt that they were part of something big. “Are you only 35 lecturers? It feels like you conquered all of London,” someone told me.’
It all began on Thursday night when 12 educators spoke in several communities across London and then 19 of them spoke to nearly 3000 students across six secondary schools. After a memorable launch addressed by the Chief Rabbi, Rav Doron Perez, CEO of World Mizrachi, Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely and the new CEO of the United Synagogue, Jo Gross, they all headed off for Shabbat.
They spent Shabbat in over 40 communities in London, Manchester and Birmingham and
spoke on a range of topics related to Jewish identity, history, and values; inspiring thousands with a love for Torah and Israel.
The weekend concluded with the Day of Inspiration on Sunday, in partnership with Kinloss
Shul, South Hampstead Shul and Stenecourt Shul. Hundreds of people gathered at the three venues for a full day of learning with the scholars and educators.
Highlights included keynote addresses at the Day of Inspiration:
 A live recording with Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis KBE and The Koren Podcast
 A book launch with the CEO of World Mizrachi, Rav Doron Perez with his new book, “The
Judicial Reform and a Vision for Unity in Israel”
 A discussion with Chief Rabbi of Gush Etzion, Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and Rav Joel Kenigsberg on
“How Halacha deals with Technological Breakthroughs”
 A session with Israeli Ambassador, Tzipi Hotovely who interviewed Rav Leo Dee in a live link-up to Israel.
This event provided an opportunity for attendees to deepen their knowledge of Judaism and
Zionism as well as connect with other members of the Jewish community, members of 45 shuls attended. The event was praised for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, which made everyone feel included and valued. Participants of Mizrachi UK programmes were invited to join special tracks on the day, including:
 Bet Limmud – a Sunday learning programme for teens in non-Jewish schools in partnership with LSJS
 Lilmod Ul’Lamed – a women’s leadership programme, in partnership with the United Synagogue and Bnei Akiva UK
 Yehudi – Mizrachi UK’s new peer led youth initiative.
Rav Ari Kahn, one of the speakers wrote on his blog ‘While I have never questioned our decision to move to Israel, there is a gnawing sense of abandonment of the community which raised me.
While many of us are privileged to teach the young people of the United States and England, those communities as a whole, have been paradoxically simultaneously strengthened and weakened. Therefore, when possible, I accept opportunities to teach and learn together with various communities in the Diaspora. Of these opportunities, there is none as large and as impactful as the Mizrachi Weekend of Inspiration. Three dozen top-tier educators, men, and women descended this past weekend upon the United Kingdom, taught Torah, shared stories, laughed and cried together.
We bonded in the holiest way, bringing Israel’s complex air to England.’
Speaking about the Weekend of Inspiration, Rabbi Andrew Shaw, CEO of Mizrachi UK, said: “I don’t know where to start, the response we have had from schools, shuls and the community has been phenomenal. We are delighted with the success of the Weekend of Inspiration. Our speakers managed to reach over 10,000 people of all ages. The event provided a unique opportunity for Jewish individuals to come together, learn, and connect with one another. We look forward to running more events like this in the future, to continue to strengthen and support the Jewish community in the UK.”
Overall, the Weekend of Inspiration 2023 was a resounding success, and demonstrated the
importance of creating opportunities where people can access top quality Religious Zionist
education, which is relevant, contemporary and inspiring.