The university and Young Professional Learning Programme, known as the Evening Beis, will be marking ShabbatUK with a learning session on the topic of Havdalah.
The programme, spearheaded by Rabbi Eliezer Zobin, Assistant Rabbi of Ner Yisrael, and Rosh Beit HaMidrash at Immanuel College, attracts over 50 men every night and runs a variety of shiurim, events, and programmes throughout the year.
Rabbi Eliezer Zobin, Maggid Shiur at the Beis, said: “The ShabbatUK Leil Iyun is a tremendous show of strength for our community. That 50 young men regularly take time out of their busy schedules of work and study, to attend the Beis, demonstrates their commitment to Torah study and their diligence. ShababtUK is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the whole community and we are thrilled that we could participate through Torah learning.”
A spokesperson from ShabbatUK said: “ShabbatUK is an opportunity for everyone across all communities to engage with Shabbat in a way that they might not do every week. The Leil lyun event at Evening Beis is a clear example of that, encouraging young men who learn on a regular basis to learn something extra about Shabbat is very special. ShabbatUK is unique in that it brings people closer to Shabbat, closer to their communities and closer to each other and we would like to wish the Beis a hatzlacho raba with their ShabbatUK learning programme.”