Jonathan Pollard

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to bring Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard back to Israel before the forthcoming elections in March according to Israeli media reports.

The FBI arrested Pollard in November 1985 on suspicion of spying for Israel. Sentenced to life in a plea bargain in 1987, he was released after serving 30 years in prison with parole guidelines. 

He is eligible to leave the United States this year.

Pollard’s imprisonment has resulted in tension with the US on the matter.

Netanyahu is committed to bringing Pollard back to Israel, he has given assurance to White House officials that Pollard would adhere to restrictions if released. But a formal request to the US Department of Justice failed.

Interviewed on Channel 12, Pollard, a former civilian US Navy analyst, expressed disappointment regarding Israel’s efforts.

The Prime Minister’s office has stated that Israel remains “committed” to returning Pollard to Israel. Netanyahu has raised the matter with the US president and will continue until his return.