Jewish Futures exists in order to ensure a vibrant Jewish future for young Jews irrespective of background and affiliation.

It is a platform upon which sit a number of dynamic educational charities. Each of these provide a different set of opportunities for engagement with Jewish life.   These include Aish, GIFT, JRoots, Chazak, FJL, Chazon, Shelanu, Time4Torah, Legacy Live and Ta’am.

The broad offering represented by the family of Jewish Futures organizations reflects the diverse range of people and personalities that make up the Jewish community today. Together they combine to offer a compelling range of educational and experiential touch points.

The various organizations harness many different approaches offering a plethora of ways for people to connect and interact with their Jewish identity. These include compelling speakers and personalities, discussion circles, contemporary culture and issues, journeys to locations that carry the story of the Jewish People, immersive experiences of Jewish living, social responsibility, textual study, lecture series, lifecycle events, leadership courses, social events, volunteering opportunities and much more.

The family of Jewish Futures organisations appeals to Jews from the entire spectrum of the Jewish community from ultra-orthodox to secular: Ashkenazim, Sefardim, young and old. Jewish Futures has always been forward thinking in its contemporary approach whilst maintaining unswerving commitment to authentic Torah values.

Jewish Futures organisations are all driven by the same set of core values which revolve around Jewish life, family, Torah, being a mensch, living with integrity and passion, tolerance of others, relevance of our 3,500-year-old story to contemporary life, authenticity, love of fellow Jews irrespective of differences, unity, sense of responsibility and readiness to stand up and be counted.


Jewish Futures has recently gained planning permission to build a 4-story building in the heart of the Jewish Community. The theme of the building is ‘OUR STORY’ – a space where users will step into an unfolding story of the Jewish people, and engage with the richness and diversity of Jewish life, practices, culture and community.  OUR STORY will enable people to choose their own pathway from the diverse offerings contained within.

Every aspect of the building will be imbued with a combination of creative educational and social offerings and cutting-edge technology, set against the backdrop of a warm and welcoming ambience.


The Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic saw the smooth and efficient transfer of all organizations online with incredible alacrity and a dizzying outburst of ongoing creativity, engaging unparalleled numbers via a plethora of original interactive web-based offerings. The personable staff and opportunities provided by the family of Jewish Futures to the broad Jewish community during Covid-19 has served as a constant beacon of light, hope, purpose, direction and inspiration to thousands as we journey together through unchartered waters.