Action Against Discrimination has registered its disappointment at the lack of reference to anti-Semitic abuse in English football in the current anti-racism in football campaign.

This applies to relevant football authorities, football clubs, the media and elsewhere, including initiatives adopted by various anti-racism organisations.

AAD Chairman Jonathan Metliss said, “We have seen and absorbed all the recent publicity and activity in relation to combatting racism in UK football, together with the emergence of spokesmen and role models such as Micah Richards and prior to him, Raheem Sterling.

“Much good work is clearly being done which we applaud but, unless we are mistaken, we do note a complete absence of any mention of anti-Semitism in UK football in the media and elsewhere, including any criticism of the use of the “Y” word, “Yid” or “Yiddo”, in particular by Tottenham fans, or the disgusting anti-Semitic responses to the chanting and use of these words and expressions. We understand that Spurs are currently looking into this issue internally.”

Metliss has spoken with Kick It Out chairman Sanjay Bhandari and encouraged that anti-Semitism in UK football is ‘high on their agenda’ however would be more reassured if anti-Semitism was included in the anti-racism ‘rhetoric’ in the media.

He noted, “We trust and sincerely hope that anti-Semitic behaviour will be seriously addressed and remain high on the anti-racism in football agenda on a par with other forms of racism and discrimination.”

AAD is the leading light in fighting anti-Semitic abuse in English football.