While Jewish Heritage trips to Morocco and Poland did not go ahead this year, Aish UK have been ensuring that students are still able to learn and engage with Jewish Heritage experiences right here in the UK.

Last week (Sunday, 2nd May) a group of 20 students (in bubbles of 6) participated in an educational journey through York, journeying back 1,000 years to the first stone houses in England, which typically belonged to affluent Jews. Rabbi Shauly Strom, Director of Aish Northern Campuses, led a tour around the Old City of York and students tracked the rich history of Jewish success and infamous anti-semitism. The group visited ancient synagogue sites, the famous Jewbury cemetery culminating in a keynote address at the foot of Clifford’s tower, infamous for one of the most tragic Jewish sites in medieval history.

Students were also able to relax and spend time with each other’s company with a boat trip down the River Ouse and a barbecue in the local park.

Rebbetzin Adina Strom said “Students from different backgrounds were able to experience a fun and inspiring day leaving with a feeling of strong Jewish pride despite having visited places of Jewish tragedy.”

Danielle, a participant added

“We had a meaningful, impactful and fun experience. After such a hard year, we were able to tour around and hear about the history of the Jews of York whilst also having the opportunity to bond and socialise safely in bubbles. I can’t wait to be part of many more (trips) in the future!”


Please direct any further questions to Royi Gutkin, Director of Fundraising at Aish UK. Rgutkin@aish.org.uk