This past week Aish UK in partnership with JFS sent a group of students from London and Manchester on a 5 day trip to Poland to learn about the centuries of Jewish life and the tragic end it faced during the holocaust. Visiting old shuls and communities of the pre-war period and then paying respect to those who were murdered in the concentration camps as well stopping by powerful monuments and gravesites of Jewish children.

Arranging one of the very few Poland trips since the reopening of international travel, the trip was hugely impactful on the students and focussed on educating and evaluating the past and encouraged students to consider the impact of the events of holocaust and how this affects their own investment in their community and their Judaism.

“Unquestionably the most powerful trip I’ve led. Having an intimate group gave us a special opportunity to connect and build really meaningful relationships. We all left Poland with a deep sense of Jewish pride, empowered to return to  play an active role in Jewish continuity.” Josh Brickman, Aish Schools Coordinator.

“It was a real privilege to have guided a fantastic group of students for the first time post-pandemic since February 2020. They all immersed themselves in the journey and gelled incredibly as a group.” Rabbi Raphy Garson, JRoots Tour Guide.