AJEX JMA held a Beacon lighting event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

National Chair Dan Fox opened the event, followed by a D-Day Veteran’s message from the late David Teacher and interview with Judith Steinberg, daughter of a Mulberry Harbour veteran.

Veterans Walter Bingham and Stanley Fisher highlighted the courage and resilience of those who served. Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis, Veteran Mervyn Kersh, Keith Black, JLC, and Adrian Cohen, BoD, also spoke.

Leo Noè lit the ceremonial beacon followed prayers.

AJEX recognised the impact of D-Day and is committed to honouring the legacy of Jewish soldiers and all those who fought for our freedom.

Fox said: “Eighty years ago this morning, the Allied Expeditionary Force began taking back Europe from the Nazi empire, yard by yard, on the shores of northern France. Operation Overlord was underway. On June 6th, we raised a salute and a toast once more, to the men and women of the Allied Expeditionary Force. And to life!”

Chief Executive Fiona Palmer added: “D-Day was a monumental campaign to rid Europe of Nazi horror and the 80th anniversary of this remarkable operation deserved the recognition and gratitude of our country. We were pleased to see hundreds join us to commemorate the sacrifices made by so many in our name. The D-Day anniversary is not just a moment to reflect on history but to celebrate the enduring legacy of those who fought and died for our freedom.