Germany’s Central Council of Jews President, Josef Schuster, has called for protection of Jewish institutions after antisemitic incidents in North Rhine-Westphalia cities.

Police arrested 16 men after protestors set Israeli flags alight outside synagogues in Bonn and Munster,

“Israel and Jews as a whole are subjected to hatred and incitement, particularly on social media,” Schuster reportedly stated. “The threat to the Jewish community is growing.”

“We expect from the people in Germany solidarity with Israel and the Jewish community,” he added.

Thirteen men were arrested in Munster after a group protested and burnt an Israeli flag outside a synagogue. Three men were arrested in Bonn for similar offences.

In Dusseldorf, vandals set alight a rubbish bag over a memorial commemorating the city’s Grand Synagogue destroyed during Kristallnacht. And in Gelsenkirchen, footage emerged of protesters waving Turkish and Palestinian Authority flags while chanting “***** Juden”.

Armin Laschet, the state’s Minister-President, stated there would be enhanced security in the region. “We will tolerate no antisemitism,” he reportedly announced.

“This anti-Semitic hate is a disgrace,” German Justice Minister, Christine Lambrecht, reportedly said. “Synagogues and Jewish sites should be firmly protected.”