Two businessmen who have been friends for 45 years have partnered up and developed a multi sports insurance policy for amateur sports people.

Former City trader Simon Dryan, 50, from Mill Hill has set up Active Cover with childhood neighbour, Graeme Godfrey a former insurance advisor.

Now the pair, who used to live a stone’s throw away from each other in Edgware are helping customers who suffer minor and serious sporting injuries.

Simon, said: “It does seem remarkable doesn’t it, but we were friends since primary school when we were just four-years-old.

“Although we went to different schools we lived about two minutes apart and have always kept in touch. I can’t think of a better person to go into business with.”

The pair have spent two years developing the multi sports insurance concept underwritten by CHUBB European Group Limited, who are a global leader in personal accident insurance.
Graeme, 51, who now lives in Bushey, Herts, said: “We never envisaged that we would end up in business together but you now have two trusted friends on the same team which is an excellent start.

“We saw a gap in the market, so we set up this business in an attempt to change the face of sports insurance in the UK and we have spent two years developing and fine tuning the product.

“We have put everything into this and have always wanted to help people.”

Policies for adults start from £14.16 a month and Active Cover’s aim is to get people back playing sport as soon as possible.

Active Cover has been designed to help customers to overcome injuries caused during an organised sporting activity, by providing financial support to aid many elements of their recovery.

Under their diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation sections, Active Cover will reimburse customers for up to 75% of the costs incurred up to the maximum limits of the policy, dependant on which package is chosen.
Users can access private treatment, such as physiotherapy anywhere in the UK without total reliance on the NHS, speeding up the recovery process.

If an injury is serious enough that it prevents someone from going to their gym, Active Cover will reimburse the membership fees.

Customers are covered for most sports including boxing, surfing, tennis and even Judo and Karate, all at one price.

Team sports like football and rugby are covered, as well as organised activities for both adults and children.

Full list of multi-sports covered: