Benjamin Netanyahu with Donald Trump at the Ben Gurion airport

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to name a settlement in the Golan Heights after US President Donald Trump.

But his choice of an existing village called Beruchim has angered its tiny group of residents.

Located in the north, the community was established in 1991 by then-housing minister Ariel Sharon for new immigrants from the Soviet Union, but has experienced abandonment at times over the years.

Neighbouring Qela, a bigger community, it was hoped that Beruchim could become an extension to it but was unable to prosper. Today, it boasts just 10 residents though newcomers hope to establish a leadership seminar for pre-army teens.

Nevertheless, despite its lack of success as a settlement, Netanyahu announced the plan at a government meeting and said it would vote on the decision when a new government is sworn in.

The new community will bear the American president’s name as recognition for his acknowledgment of Israel’s rule over the Golan in March.

Qela residents hung signs in protest to the move at an entrance gate assuming the Qela and Beruchim perimeter become the ‘Trump’ community.

But they had false information as Netanyahu noted a new settlement would not replace Qela, but build on Beruchim.

A draft plan offers 110 new homes for religious and secular residents.

Trump formally recognised Israeli sovereignty over the Golan in a high profile presidential proclamation over five decades after Israel captured the strategic position during the Six Day War.

Standing alongside, Trump at a historic White House ceremony, Netanyahu noted its significance shortly after hearing of a Hamas rocket attack in central Israel the same day.

Netanyahu praised Trump for his “extraordinary support” towards Israel’s right to defend itself.

“Over the years, Israel has been blessed to have many friends who have sat in the Oval office but Israel has never had a better friend than you,” he said. “This is truly a historic day.”

By Leah Waxler