Film Premiere that took place on Sunday, in celebration of Bnei Akiva’s 80th birthday

Last weekend saw hundreds of people enjoy a film premiere to celebrate 80 years of Bnei Akiva UK. The specially commissioned film was screened in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modiin, and included birthday wishes from Chief Rabbi Mirvis, Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Ambassador Mark Regev.

The community was treated to an evening of nostalgia, with stories and memories from across the generations, and heard from Hannah Reuben, Mazkira (National Director) and Roi Abecassis, Mazkal of World Bnei Akiva. Starting with stories of the Kindertransport and the foundation of Bachad by Arieh Handler, the film delved into the personal experiences of those involved over the years. Tributes were also paid to Mark Weinberg ztl and Yoni Jesner ztl who gave so much to Bnei Akiva in the time they were with us.

Jonny Lipczer, watching in Modiin said “The screenings brought together Bnei Akiva graduates spanning the generations, reminding us why we are part of such a special movement. Arieh Handler played an instrumental role in the founding of Bnei Akiva, and it was a privilege to have one of his children, Professor Gaby Handler, present at the Modiin screening, where he shared his own memories of his father.”

Gabi Sacofsky watching in Jerusalem said “seeing this film with so many generations of Bnei Akiva Olim really made me appreciate that the chinuch of Bnei Akiva has stayed strong throughout the years”

Lisa Denby watching in London said “a wonderful insight into a truly remarkable organisation who have stood the test of time through sheer dedication and belief. Wishing you many more years ahead filled with ruach, fun, laughter and achieving all you set out to do. Kol Hakavod to you all.”

The video can be viewed now at

Quotes from the film

Chief Rabbi Mirvis

“The Gemarrah says ‘when you reach 80, you are strong’ and that is certainly the case with Bnei Akiva. Thanks to Bnei Akiva, so many individuals, families and communities have been inspired, as result of the success story of Bnei Akiva there has been a strengthening in the commitment to Torah Va’Avodah, Torah values, and a Torah way of life. On this very special anniversary, to the Tnua, I say thank you so much.”

Ambassador Mark Regev

“As you look back over the last 80 years, Bnei Akiva can be proud of what they’ve done in this country, and what they’ve done for Israel also.”