Board of Deputies chief executive Gillian Merron launched the Jewish Manifesto for Local Government in Leeds on Sunday.
Collated by the Board after consultation with more than 250 community organisations, the publication made its bow at the Jewish Community in Yorkshire Seminar.
The Jewish Leadership Council and Leeds Jewish Representative Council jointly hosted the event.
“It is critical for the Jewish community to make its voice heard in local authorities, particularly on crucial issues such as coroners’ services and anti-Semitism,” said Ms Merron.
“This manifesto will ensure councillors and candidates know about the issues that matter to their Jewish residents. “
She added: “Ahead of this year’s elections around the country we will be urging candidates to endorse our 10 Local Commitments, which summarise the community’s priorities.”
The manifesto is a definitive document for councillors and candidates serving Jewish residents across wards or boroughs.
The publication will be sent to candidates across the country ahead of local elections on May 3.
This vote includes boroughs with some of the largest Jewish communities in the country, including councils in London, Greater Manchester and Leeds.
Policies outlined in the document covers a raft of issues including a call on all local councils to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association definition of anti-Semitism.
Councils will also be called upon to appoint coroners sensitive to the needs of Jewish communities and including support for Jewish schools, welfare services and housing provision.
Councillors will further be asked to endorse the Manifesto’s TenLocalCommitments outlining all of the community’s policy priorities.
Councillors from Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire attended.
Other delegates included Bradford Council leader and West Yorkshire Combined Authority chair, Susan Hinchcliffe, Leeds City Council deputy leader, James Lewis, and the Lady Mayoress of York, Barbara Boyce.