Carlos Latuff (Credit: wikipedia)

Israeli comic book artist Uri Fink has slated a Brazilian cartoonist for portraying IDF soldiers as murderers when they arrived in Brazil to aid efforts in the aftermath of a collapsed dam near the south eastern town of Brumadinho last month.

The Israeli search and rescue delegation assisted following the tragedy that killed at least 134 people, 200 are still missing, some may never be revered.

Carlos Latuff’s original despicable anti-Israel and anti-Semitic cartoon illustrates IDF soldiers departing a plane with hands covered in blood as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro welcomes them.

The soldiers tell Bolsonaro, “Sorry for our delay! We’re busy killing Palestinians.”

“Carlos Latuff is a disgrace to our profession,” he exclaimed on social media after the caricature was published.

Latuff is a political caricaturist known for drawing anti-Israeli and anti-American cartoons, portraying Israelis as Nazis and Uncle Sam as Hitler.

He has also penned horrific cartoons about Jews and Palestinians.

“Obviously, he is so completely consumed by hatred that he forgot his responsibility as a cartoonist and continues his duties as a propaganda tool in the finest totalitarian tradition,” noted Fink.

A member of the Israeli Cartoon Project that battles against online anti-Israel and anti-Semitic cartoons, Fink added, “His hatred for Israel has made Latuff lose his mind. The fact help is being prevented from people (in need) only because of the hatred toward Israel is an example of the lows one can reach when choosing to disproportionately attack Israel.

“The online smear campaign against Israel does nothing but poison the discourse and distance peace.”

IDF soldiers, medics and other specialists used special equipment in hazardous terrain.

Lt. Col. Sagi Baruch, who led the Israeli delegation, was aware that finding survivors, 24 hours after the event, were slim.

The delegation has returned to Israel.

By Adam Moses