British Emunah Director Deborah Nathan is taking up a role that is being created for her at World Emunah in Israel. The new global marketing communications job will involve liaison with English-speaking Emunah offices in Australia, Canada, South America, USA and South Africa, while maintaining close UK links.  She will make aliyah in early 2019 after her successor has been recruited.

  “Charities need to think globally and work smarter in today’s digital world where we need news and updates faster than ever before,” explains Ms Nathan, who is a chartered accountant.  “I am looking to developing global campaigns as well as improving Emunah’s presence on social media and other communications channels. My aim is to showcase Emunah’s wide range of services in Israel and present it to a larger world audience, while helping other countries to fundraise for us in a cost-effective way. This requires sensitivity, as we are working with vulnerable and at-risk children and families.”

  Founded 85 years ago by a group of Jewish women in Manchester, Emunah now has over 200 social welfare projects and services in Israel of which 37 are supported by British Emunah.

Deborah Nathan adds: “Getting information from Israel can be challenging as understandably, their priority is providing care, and because of issues relating to child protection and confidentiality. I believe passionately in the role Emunah plays in strengthening Israeli society and I am proud that I will be continuing to work for that cause as a citizen of the country.”

  Rocket attacks and incendiary balloons from Gaza contribute to the strain on Emunah’s resources. The organisation runs trauma counselling and therapy centres as well as children’s homes, high schools, nursery day care and community centres.

  World Emunah Director Shlomo Kessel who will be working closely with her said: “Deborah is highly-respected and has with a wide set of skills. I am delighted that she is coming to Israel to join our team.”

Rosalyn Liss, Chairman of British Emunah, adds: “We are thrilled for Deborah, both personally and professionally. She is a tremendous asset to Emunah and our Trustees are delighted that we will still be working with her.  We wish her every success in her new role.”

  Ms Nathan will be making aliyah with her husband, Dr Jeremy Nathan, a GP and medical acupuncturist.  They will join their youngest daughter, Elianna, 20, who made aliyah last year. Their two other adult children, Joshua and Avital, are based in the United States and the UK respectively.