Dyfed Powys Police Headquarters

Campaign Against Antisemitism is making a professional standards complaint against a Dyfed-Powys police officer over comments made to them relating to anti-Semitic hate speech.

Discussing an allegation against the owner of Tribestan UK about anti-Semitic emails sent to an Israeli person trying to order items, an officer told CAA that specific comments that “Jews rip us off!” and “Jews rob us!” were recorded as a hate incident not hate crime.

When pressed, the sergeant confirmed e-mails were “stating an opinion”.

One Tribestan UK e-mail noted, “Unfortunately Jews have negativity on our businesses. Do you know why? Because Jews rip us off!”. Another stated, “We don’t ship to Israel because the Jews rob us! Sorry but that’s a fact. They scam the world.”

“At a time when British Jews are threatened by levels of anti-Semitism that are unprecedented in the UK since the Second World War, it is alarming and unacceptable that a police officer is incapable of distinguishing between the legitimate expression of a point of view and anti-Semitic hate speech that has been at the root of much of the persecution suffered by the Jewish people,” noted CAA.

Tribestan claims the e-mails were hacked.