They say that if you want to know anything about computers ask a child. Members of The Nicky Alliance Community Centre have been bucking the trend since lockdown and are embracing new technology with enthusiasm.

Malcolm Burnard and Clair Sacks have been volunteers at The Nicky for some years and runs regular computer classes for the members.  Malcolm said: “Our members have always been keen to learn more about how to use computers to keep in touch with friends and family.  This proved particularly useful during lockdown as it enabled them to email and have face-to-face contact, albeit remotely, with family members and friends abroad and out of town.  They are keen to learn and I expect even more will want to join our classes now we have re-opened The Centre.”

During lockdown The Nicky acquired laptops and iPads which were loaned out to those members without their own access to the technology. Training was also provided.  An additional bonus was the ability to maintain contact with members who were not able to leave their homes.  Centre Manager, Karen Grant, said: “We set up some quizzes online using WhatsApp, and these were most enjoyable and appreciated by the members. They adapted to the new technology like ducks to water and it helped to break any sense of isolation.”


Malcolm concluded: “Once our members overcome that initial fear of the unknown they realise that using a computer or tablet isn’t that difficult. Emailing distant friends and family means they can get instant replies rather than waiting for letters in the post.  WhatsApp and Zoom also enable them to speak to their loved ones face-to-face as though they were in the same room.  Computers are ageless.


“We hold our computer classes every Monday and Wednesday and we welcome anyone wishing to join us.”

Further information on The Nicky computer classes is available by telephoning 0161 740 0111 or email