The Jewish Community in Manchester and far beyond were deeply saddened beyond belief Friday morning to learn of the passing of one of its senior Rabbanim, Dayan Osher Westheim zt”l. He was 71 at the time of his passing, which came .

Having served as the Rav of the Aguda Beit Hamedrash for over 30 years, the Dayan was one of the most sought after authorities in all matters of Jewish Law in the Manchester community and in many ways was a “Rav Rabbanan” – guiding other Rabbis who sought his valuable counsel in leading their communities.

The Rav was also well known for his involvement in the field of Kashrut, having previously served on the Manchester Beit Din and establishing another highly-regarded Hechsher Iggud HaRabbanim.

He was a close student of the late Dayan Weiss as well as Rav Shmuel Wosner of Bnei Brak, from whom he gained direction in rendering Halacha and he would often cite their opinion or first-hand accounts from his studying under them.

His passing leaves a huge void that will be very difficult to fill. He leaves behind his devoted wife, son and daughters, as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.