Proud volunteers at the GIFT warehouse

Michelle Barnett-Director Gift

The run up to Pesach has been extremely busy at charity GIFT, with food collections and educational sessions in schools and communities across London, Manchester & Israel. Food collections took place in Immanuel Primary School, North West London Jewish Day School, Sacks Morasha and Beit Shvidler Primary School. Over 30 brownies and rainbows from 5th Mill Hill came to the GIFT warehouse for a special GIFT Pesach food packing session. Food collections across London and Manchester generated over £10,000, with hundreds of people delighted to be able to drop off their packages containing pasta, flour, cereals, crackers, spirits etc at a number of venues in North West London, Stamford Hill and North Manchester. Hasmonean Girls’ School and JFS students made Bedikat Chometz sets be given to families and Pesach decorations were given out to Bucket and Spades Norwood Respite Centre. In Manchester, Friendship Circle volunteers stood outside stores collecting Pesach food items, which were distributed to families that GIFT support and also sent to the Agudah Housing Hershal Weiss Centre for their food bank. King David High School and Yavneh High made Ten Plagues finger puppets which went to Aim Habonim School for children with learning disabilities. GIFT gave out thousands of pounds worth of Pesach food to families prior to the Festival collected from Pesach GIFT BOXES outside shops and generously sponsored by the Israel Lazarus Charitable Trust and Kinloss Synagogue. GIFT distribute weekly food parcels to over 2000 people across London and Manchester as well as offering practical and tutoring help for children after school, and weekly Shabbat visits to people in hospitals and care homes. To volunteer your time or resources, please contact or call 0208 457 4429