Gilad Erdan (Credit: Israel National News)

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Information is fighting back against anti-Israel propaganda circulated by pro-Palestinian groups with a large-scale social media campaign.

For years these organisations have spread misinformation during the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day about Israel’s inhumane treatment of children in military operations.

But through efforts from the ministry, headed by Gilad Erdan, and DigiTell, a networking platform connecting pro-Israel organisations around the world, evidence will illustrate that children in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority are used for incitement, terrorism and violence.

The campaign will also highlight the threat posed by terror organisations in the Gaza Strip to Israeli children living in communities near the border.

“The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are cynically and maliciously using children both as human shields and as means of blackmailing Israel,” said Minister Eden. “Our campaign calls on the world to protect the exploited children and stop the hypocrisy levelled at Israel.”

Ido Daniel, head of the digital department at the ministry, will not allow misinformation to influence international public opinion on Israel.

“For years, the Palestinian Authority has been using the Universal Children’s Day and succeeded in influencing the minds of average citizens all across Europe,” he explained.

“This year we have exposed the truth, we translated Hamas’s school curriculum and propaganda, and presented evidence of military training being conducted at kindergartens.”

Campaign participants reached around 10 million people, mostly in European countries.

Over 50 messages, including memos and videos, had been spread in English, Spanish, German, French and Hebrew.

The campaign ended on the Universal Children’s Day last Monday.