A 360deg virtual guide to help travellers with autism has been launched by Eurostar after the rail company worked with the charity Ambitious About Autism to review its travel experience for autistic passengers.

The charity advised that these passengers were more comfortable travelling after seeing information in advance with sights and sounds in two-dimensions. The virtual guide has been created to reflect this by providing visual information ahead of a journey.

Eurostar said its stations combined elements from airports and domestic rail travel and the visual guide has been designed to offer tips and advice at every step, including ticket gates, security checks, boarding, on-board and arrivals.

Customer experience director Amber Kirby said: “We are committed to providing an effortless travel experience for all, and the guide provides information for anyone anxious about what to expect on the journey, specifically travellers with autism.”

The guide forms part of a number of initiatives from Eurostar to improve customer experience, including improvements to how to make wheelchair bookings and a new process for non-accredited assistance dogs.

Charity chief executive Jolanta Lasota said: “Many autistic people can find travelling an overwhelming experience, so having information about what to expect before they set off is really important.”

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