Foreign Secretary James Cleverly today visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and southern Israel (11 October 2023). On a first visit by a foreign minister to site of attacks, he met survivors and witnessed destruction caused by Hamas. Cleverly also met Israeli President and foreign minister to reiterate support.

The Foreign Secretary visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and southern Israel today (11 October 2023), days after Hamas launched a barbaric terrorist attack on the country.

Demonstrating the UK’s solidarity with Israel and its fundamental right to defend itself against Hamas, James Cleverly underlined the UK’s support in meeting with President Herzog. They discussed the UK and Israel’s ongoing security, military and diplomatic cooperation in the face of terror.

He also travelled with Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to the southern Israeli village of Ofakim to witness first-hand the devastation caused by Hamas. On the first visit by a foreign minister to a site of the attacks, Cleverly met survivors to emphasise that the UK stands with them against terrorism.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said:

I’m in Israel today to show the UK’s unwavering support for Israel. 

The facts are clear. Hamas are terrorists. Israel has the right to defend itself. Hamas and Hamas alone are responsible and accountable for these appalling attacks.

Terrorism must never be allowed to prevail.

Since the attacks, the Foreign Secretary has spoken to counterparts from the United States, Jordan, Egypt, Germany, Türkiye, Oman, the UAE, Italy, the EU, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian Authority. He will continue to stay in contact with international leaders over the coming days and weeks.