Former Labour minister Jane Kennedy

Former Labour minister Jane Kennedy has quit the party over the anti-Semitic treatment of Jewish MP Luciana Berger and controversial decision to re-admit Derek Hatton.

Kennedy, who served Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before leaving Parliament in 2010, is Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside.

Berger, who succeeded Kennedy as Liverpool Wavertree MP, joined the Independent Group.

Kennedy’s resignation surfaced when PCC deputy, Emily Spurrell, left her post.

“Emily has been aware that I have been deeply disturbed by the abuse suffered by Luciana Berger and other Labour elected members across Merseyside,” she noted.

“I was elected to promote action against hate crime, amongst other things, and am no longer able to defend what the Labour party allows to happen in its name.”

Kennedy is due to retire as Merseyside PCC next year.

Former Labour City Council deputy leader Hatton was expelled by Labour in 1985.

Following his re-admittance, he was suspended two days later over a 2012 tweet stating Jews with “humanity” should criticise Israel.

By David Saffer