Dan Brazil from Bushey is one of four runners who will represent children’s charity Emunah in the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 22 April 2018. This will be Dan’s first full marathon although he recently ran Watford half marathon finishing in an impressive 1:47.
“If someone said to me a year ago that I’d be running the London Marathon this year, I would have had serious doubts,” said Mr Brazil. His wake-up call came when he realised he needed to lose weight and get fit. Now some four stone lighter, he gets up at 5.30 or 6.00 am each day.
“Running has become somewhat of a passion for me… I started off gingerly with a couple of 10km runs then set my sights on what will be the physical and mental challenge of my life. Some say ‘I’m half the man I used to be’ – but since Debbie [his wife] has thrown out all my old trousers, there’s really no going back now!
“I’m in sales and I needed a target to motivate me and that goal was a charity, Emunah… As the father of three girls, the work that the charity does with disadvantaged and at-risk children in Israel, was something that I can really relate to.”
This will also be the first London Marathon for clinical psychologist Sarah Tarzi, who “has done two marathons in Milton Keynes (three and five years ago) and that has given me the confidence to go for the London race. I’m looking forward to the challenge with excitement and anticipation. I run every day but this time it’s been harder to train because of the bad weather. I’m banking on the adrenaline of the crowds to keep me going.”
Having done a sponsored hike of the Scottish Highlands last year this will be Sarah’s second challenge for Emunah. She adds: “I have seen films about the work Emunah does with children and then supporting them as adults – it is an impressive charity.”
The other team Emunah members are Claire Gothelf who is travelling to London from Leeds for her fourth marathon in the capital and Flora Frank, who enters under the Norwood banner, also donating to Emunah.
Commenting on the race, Claire Gothelf said: “I love the whole day and it’s very exciting that the Queen is starting the race and that Mo Farrah will also be there. When you go past Buckingham Palace, I think it is incredible.”
Claire’s motivation comes from her mother, Margaret Gothelf, who was a founder member of a local Emunah group in Leeds. “Mum is 81 – she’s not coming down to London with me this year but she’s very proud of me.”
British Emunah director Deborah Nathan said: “We are grateful to our runners for taking on the challenge of the London Marathon 2018 while raising funds for at-risk children in Israel.”