A Hope Not Hate poll shows 34 percent of British people (18-24 age bracket) agree that Jews have an ‘unhealthy control over the world’s banking system’.

The overall poll investigated attitudes across British society. Campaign Against Antisemitism described the banking statistic as “frightening”.

Results reportedly showed that the age group believed the statement to be “probably” or “definitely” true. The number fell to 28 percent among the 25-34 age demographic, and 12 percent for pollsters over 75 years.

Authors of the survey said findings were “shocking” as they indicated “a higher degree of openness to conspiracies” in under 35s.

“It is clear that while socially liberal beliefs are more common amongst the majority, there is a large cohort of young people who hold more reactionary views, and a smaller minority who hold even more extreme beliefs,” a statement explained.

Binyomin Gilbert, CAA Programme Manager, said: “These are frightening statistics. Even a fraction of these figures would serve to highlight just how widespread antisemitic conspiracy theories have become. The numbers here are downright terrifying. It is particularly alarming that these tropes are so popular among the younger population, which raises serious questions about the quality of formal education in this area and the critical role that social media plays in propagating these racist ideas. It means that the fight against antisemitism is only going to have to intensify and more must be done to prevent the indoctrination of children into antisemitic conspiracy online.”

CAA monitors the far-right, which is a dangerous threat to the Jewish community and minority groups. CAA’s Antisemitism Barometer in March 2022 includes data from two polls conducted the previous year. The 2019 barometer disturbingly showed antisemitism on the far-left of British politics had surpassed the far-right.