GIFT was thrilled to raise an amazing sum during its 36-hour matched campaign, which closed at 10pm on Monday evening.

A total of £870,167 was raised from 3,150 donors across the world: people from the UK to Israel, South Africa to the USA, came together to support GIFT’s Step Up campaign. Having reached the £720,000 target after just 32 hours, a new, high-octane bonus round took place. Volunteers of all ages gave their time to phone and message both loyal and new supporters. Over 130 GIFT ambassadors inspired and motivated their friends and family to give through their teams; one team secured an extraordinary 133 donations on their page.

Funds raised will be put towards GIFT’s work in 2023, when the charity plans to step up its support for the community during the cost-of-living crisis and engage even more people in practical, impactful volunteering opportunities.

R. Naftali Schiff, GIFT’s Chairman, says: “Surpassing our £720k fundraising goal in our High holy day’s charity extra appeal is testament to the inroads GIFT continues to make in teaching us all how to live one of our most cherished Jewish values of being a community of givers.”

Rabbi Sandor Milun, Managing Director of GIFT, says: ‘We were thrilled to receive the support of the community for our Step Up campaign, and can look forward with confidence and resilience to the year ahead. We are immensely grateful to the hundreds of volunteers, team leaders and supporters who made our campaign such a success. Thank you to everyone who stepped up with us, who will help us to continue to inspire and enable lifelong giving.’

Sylvie Elia, a team leader on the campaign and regular volunteer for GIFT, says: ‘Having volunteered for GIFT with food packing deliveries, we have seen firsthand the impact of GIFT’s vital work in not only providing for those in need, but also protecting the dignity of recipients and giving them a sense of empowerment. It is an honour to have a team page for GIFT’s fundraiser, allowing us to play our small part in contributing to the full lifecycle of GIFT, thereby being part of GIFT’s greater mission of giving.’

Chani Levin, a Year 9 volunteer who called possible donors to ask for their support, says: ‘It was really fun calling everyone and it was amazing to see just how much they all appreciate what GIFT does. Everyone loves GIFT. They all wanted to donate and help out, which shows just how incredible GIFT is.’

One of the campaign’s matching donors, who has asked to be anonymous, says: ‘We are so grateful and appreciative of all the important work that the GIFT team does for our community; we were happy to be involved.