We regret to inform you of the sudden passing of Rav Dov Sternbuch of Gateshead-Bnei Brak. Rabbi Sternbuch was 96 at the time of his passing, the news of which has been met with sadness in his distinguished family and his many thousands of students, in particular the ladies who were educated in the Gateshead Seminary.

Born in London to his father Reb Osher Sternbuch zt”l a well-known Torah supporter, Rav Dov was raised among brothers who would too become Torah greats. His brother Rav Eliyohu zt”l oif Antwerp as well as yibadel lechaim Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Jerusalem. Many other famous Torah personalities of today are a scion of that family.

Rav Dov was held in high esteem by the Torah leaders of the generation and despite his efforts to conceal the extent of his vast Torah knowledge, he was known to have been familiar with the entire Talmud.

The levaya was held yesterday in Bnei Brak.