Miami Beach: Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

After returning from their uplifting Poland Trip, Hasmonean Year 12 students wanted to channel their inspiration into action. Together with teacher Mrs Shalvie Friedman the “Minutes for Millions” programme was born.

Each girl recorded the number of minutes she learnt in her spare time in memory of the holy victims of the Shoah and at the end of the month they made a grand siyum on over 11,000 minutes of extra learning!

Jroots tour guide Mrs Michal Porath- Zibman spoke on video at the siyum and informed the girls that the date of their siyum, 26th Sivan, was the exact date that the massacre of children at Zyblitowska- Gora took place. The girls were very moved at this divine providence, as this was one of the most moving places they had visited on their recent trip.

Student organiser Nicole Bishop, who racked up the highest number of minutes spoke about the importance of learning Kitzur Shulchan Aruch and invited the girls to join her new daily learning programme. Rabbi Birnbaum, Head of Midrasha said “I am so proud of our students’ achievement. Every siyum is special but this was unique since the girls did the extra learning in their spare time. A number of them have already told me they will be continuing with their new learning commitments.”